Here is useful information about the evaluation


Please note that competency 1 (Interact orally in English) is constantly evaluated during class time. That is why it is important for students to speak English in class. Also, texts written at home cannot be evaluated. To know the upcoming evaluations and/or homework to do, make sure to consult the Mozaïk Portail Parents or Mozaïk Portail Élèves regularly.



Evaluation Criteria

1. Interacts orally in English (40). Participation
  Content of the message
  Articulation of the message
  *Management of strategies/resources
2. Reinvests understanding of oral Evidence of comprehension
    and written texts (30%). Use of knowledge from the text
  *Management of strategies/resources
3. Writes and produces texts (30). Content of the message
  Formulation of the text
  *Management of strategies/resources





92% and +

Advanced competency development
B 76% and + Good competency development
C 60% and + Acceptable competency development
D 44% and + Partial competency development
E 28% and + Minimal competency development
NE NE Competency practised but not evaluated for some reasons
- - Competency only practised