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Intended for my students and their parents, this website provides you with news, activities, resources and lots of other things in order to help you develop your English competencies and succeed.

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C1-Interact (40%)

The goal of this competency is to bring the students to talk and react to what others say.

Participation in the interation, content and articulation of the message are important and evaluated.

C2-Reinvest (30%)

After reading or listening to texts, the student is asked to show his understanding through a reinvestment task.

Evidence of comprehension and use of information from the texts are important and evaluated.

C3-Write (30%)

To develop this competency, the student is given a topic on which he must write a text.

The content of the text and its formulation are important and evaluated.

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  • End-0f-year evaluation

    Starting on May 31st, the students will be in end-of-year evaluation for 3 periods. Make sure they are present!

    Updated: 25.02.19
  • What to study or review for the final evaluation

    - Speaking and reading strategies p. 63 to 65

    - Simple Past To be (E.B p. 24+) All verbs (E.B p. 30+)

    - Simple Conditional: WOULD + VERB (base)

    - Modals (E.B. p. 41+)

    - Comparatives and superlatives (E.B. p. 43+)

    Updated: 25.05.19
  • Final task (Writing)

    The final task of the final evaluation will take place on June 17th pm.

    Updated: 25.05.19

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